Rise to Resist Screenprint Poster


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She was a princess for a rebellion who rose to become a general to a resistance. Now she stands as a symbol for many in “our most desperate hour.”

  • 2 color/18″ x 24″ screenprint poster
  • Printed on 100# Accent Opaque Natural
  • Signed and Numbered, Edition of 110
  • Ships wrapped and rolled in a tube

How much is being donated to Planned Parenthood?

An estimated $28 will be donated from each poster sale to Planned Parenthood after payment processing fees (2.9 % +30¢), shipping, and applicable sales tax (for Colorado residents). Transparency is important, if you have further questions, please contact me at hello@aaronlea.com.

Why are you doing this?

On January 21, 2017, I was inspired by the millions of people who took to not only the streets of Washington DC, but the world to let their voices be heard for women’s rights. This is my way of taking action and putting some good out there in the world.

But why this?

During the March on Washington, there were a lot of signs that showed princesses, but I didn’t see anyone holding any generals. Call me crazy, but generals are cooler than princesses.

What is Good Ink?

Good Ink is an initiative started by the Ink Lounge in Denver, CO that shares their resources and knowledge to help support those that are doing good things for the community. They have graciously donated a portion of the printing costs towards this screen print. More information about Good Ink can be found on Ink Lounge’s website.

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