"It's pronounced Lea /lē/ as in flea"

— Aaron Lea
Illustrator & Designer

Aaron Lea comes from a long line of artists, designers and all-around badasses (Okay, not really, but he does want you to know he has a family member who was an animator for Disney’s Pinocchio). He, too, likes to make cool stuff. Self-taught in a number of styles and media, Lea set out make a name for himself as a creative talent — and as a legend. But not a legend like Bigfoot or Danny Trejo. More like sharing an Uber with Charlie Sheen and Gary Busey on your way to a 2 a.m. Taco Bell run and surviving.

Inspired by comics, films and other facets of nerdom — along with the styles of 1960s and 70s art and pop culture — Lea has produced work for an ever-growing list of companies, including Bad Robot, Universal Music Group, Magnolia Pictures,  Mondo, MGM, Metal Blade Records, and the Vincent Price Estate.

Though movie posters and promotional design for classic horror films and cult favorites are Lea’s Beefy Fritos® Burrito, he’s also got a taste for comics and illustration across genres and styles, from magazine illustrations to films about sentient puppets (because, you know, Pinocchio).

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